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Something to do with those bits and bytes machines

10 things I didn’t know about cell phone until I started supporting them for a living

My current job involves supporting “mobility devices” in the company I work for, which 99% of the time means cell phones. Now, I have been a bit behind the times in having the latest and greatest phone, but since I … Continue reading

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Nexus 10 review

I decided to drink the Google kool-aid and buy the Nexus 10 Having used it for almost a month now, I’m somewhat surprised at how much I’ve used this tablet around the house. I’m a first time pad user, but … Continue reading

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Security Camera D-Link DCS-942L

Synopsis: The D-Link DCS942L camera is a feature rich security camera, but a bitch to configure manually. Even the setup wizard, once I finally got it working, didn’t work without some issues. It turns out most of the wizard issue … Continue reading

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My iPrayer to Steve Jobs

Hello Mr Jobs. I see you’ve been busy in your new role as heaven’s technology innovator. I really thought you’d take it easy for a bit, but no, you’re right back in it, stirring things up as you always did … Continue reading

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Google Streetview in Calgary Peculuarities

Google Streetview for Calgary got released today. I ended up blowing away more time at work looking at this that I should have, but oh well, it’s not every day that Streetview gets released for your city, and being a … Continue reading

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Meta Phography Equipment Review – Canon focus

def: meta Something of a higher or second-order kind – Or, this is a review about review sites. Specifically, photography equipment review sites.

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Wacom Tabet saving my wrist so far this spring

I got a Wacom tablet this spring to help stave off carpel tunnel on my mousing wrist. I was expecting to use it only for drawing site maps, where the continual mousing all day drawing was becoming a strain. I … Continue reading

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1TB External eSATA/USB unit @ $150

‘Ya know, having to buy computer stuff for work means you end up buying a lot more stuff for yourself. But based on the previous 2 days happenings, I think I have a pretty good excuse. Besides, $150/TB of external … Continue reading

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Madly waving the Rubber Chicken to Kill Bad Computer Mojo

The title sums it up for you non-computer types. For the rest of you, long, nerdy, techy rant follows.

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Prediction for 2009: Duke Nukem Forever will finally be released!

Alright, you might be thinking ‘wtf is he smoking?’ or ‘wtf is Duke Nukem?’, if you’re young enough. That second part is scary. It has been well over TEN YEARS since the original Duke Nukem 3D was released. It was … Continue reading

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