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Really Good Tiki Bar TV interview with the Doctor

Check out this interview with Jeff Macpherson, creator and the Doctor in Tiki Bar TV. Lots of interesting stuff I didn’t know about the show. Nice to see one of my favorite podcasts starting to figure out how to make … Continue reading

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My Style of Webcomics

I don’t know why I’m not big into the Calgary comic expo, because I do like comics. I attended in 2008, and mostly went for the SF BSG, and ST:TOS guests. But for the comic part of the convention? Meh. … Continue reading

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Shamwow humour

I got to wondering about those Shamwow things they advertise on TV. You can watch the ad online in case you never watch TV, or you can take my word that it’s a rag that’s supposed to have some amazing … Continue reading

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From simple ideas come great things

So I was browsing Digg thinking again how lame most of the submissions are when I run across this: He Took a Polaroid Every Day, Until the Day He Died This is a brilliant post about a brilliant find on … Continue reading

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TakeTV, Something I want for a change

Okay, it is a rare day that a new tech toy comes out and I go “I want one, now”. It is a rare thing because most of these things do not satisfy my criteria of: -It must do something … Continue reading

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One of the better rants on the state of the music “business”

Highly recommended reading: When Pigs Fly: The Death of Oink, the Birth of Dissent, and a Brief History of Record Industry Suicide. I am not a huge music fan. I used to buy the occasional CD, occasional becoming even less … Continue reading

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New levels of bandwidth abuse

A while back when web pages were new, you had bandwidth hogs – people who designed web pages that were too large for their own good. One of the “tricks” used was to use an image to display text, when … Continue reading

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Why use Gmail video?

I’ve been using Gmail for a bit, as a secondary account. Now, Gmail is now available to anyone and their dog. The engineers have made a video, telling you why you might want to use Gmail: Why Use Gmail? video … Continue reading

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Darwin Awards emails: Good Idea or Tool of Satan?

Darwin Awards – anyone who has had internet access for the last ten years must surely know about them. In the last month I have received two emails regarding this year’s Darwin Awards. One was a link to the Darwin … Continue reading

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Mini Firefox 2.0 review

Easiest install ever. Done in 90 seconds. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you how long it took, but it felt short. I’m sitting there running FF2.0, thinking “that’s it? I’m done?!” No reboot. No long download. Okay, I did close my … Continue reading

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