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From simple ideas come great things

So I was browsing Digg thinking again how lame most of the submissions are when I run across this: He Took a Polaroid Every Day, Until the Day He Died This is a brilliant post about a brilliant find on … Continue reading

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Glenmore Construction goodness

I’ve been watching on the web cam at Glenmore and 14th on and off today as they build the last bit of road to switch the traffic over to the new lanes: Should’ve taken more captures. Oh well. It is … Continue reading

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Traffic jams you won’t see in Calgary

Exploding whale stops traffic in Tainan, Taiwan Well, there is only so bad that traffic can get in Calgary. At least we don’t have to contend with whales in transport exploding on the Deerfoot. Although the concrete truck I saw … Continue reading

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Oh what a site nature and man hath wrought

Every once in a while I see something from the window of my house that make me run and and get a camera. I had stepped out onto my deck to take a look at the colors of the setting … Continue reading

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Now that’s photo irony

So I suddenly find my self being asked permission to use my photos on some small media site, ( in an article about a grandmother who was legally strong-armed by Syncrude to pull photos she had taken. I decided to … Continue reading

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A Tail of Two Cities

Okay, this isn’t exactly about two “cities”, Fort Saskatchewan (hens forth, “The Fort” as the locals like to abbreviate) is not exactly a city, but close enough when talking about “small cities” (15K as of 2006) compared to Sarnia, of … Continue reading

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Flickr is my friend

IMG_0989aOriginally uploaded by ferreth. I have a flickr account. Look at the pretty pictures. Ooooh, aaaah….

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