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A day in Keremeos

The season was fall according to the trees, but the cold was definitely creeping in. I was happy to be plugged in, warm, and showered. Feeling civilized again, I was ready for my one day exploring Keremeos by foot. My … Continue reading

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Some Hikes around Bouse Y

The area south of Bouse besides being full of hills is full of holes. Little test pit holes, that people prospecting in the past have dug. Larry told me that in World War II, the area was used for shelling … Continue reading

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San Diego Zoo in a Day

The second attempt to visit the San Diego Zoo went much more smoothly. I only got off at the ‘a’ exit rather than the ‘b’ exit coming off the freeway, so the googles had to route me on a little … Continue reading

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Cooking in a new no space

To finish off the vein of “nothing is the same anymore” we get to cooking. I’m going to need a good hearty meal for my upcoming hike tomorrow, plus we need to figure out how to cook in this small … Continue reading

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KD like it’s 1999!

Man, I never should have eaten that package of Kraft Dinner, about a month ago. It’s like getting back on drugs man, I’ve eaten two more boxes of the stuff since then! (Okay, not like drugs, but why would I … Continue reading

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$3 Pizza review

So there I am at the mall at dinner time looking at the usual mall eateries. I’m not really feeling hungry, so I head over to Walmart, thinking I’ll grab some pasta and sauce and just whip up a quick … Continue reading

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Cooking Show Comic Genious

I got curious about what kind of internet cooking shows might be out there so I fired up You Tube and typed in “cooking shows” in their search. The “Trailer Park Cooking Show” catches my eye so I pull up … Continue reading

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Do you want Fries with that?

I went over to T&T Supermarket last night for some fruit and stopped by the noodle isle. That’s right, you go to an oriental grocery, the noodle selection takes up a whole isle. The store was about to close, so … Continue reading

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Random tomfoolery

Farewell emails in this recession era are one of those things where people have gotten bitten by technology they don’t fully understand. First of all, why, oh why do companies give there employees the ability to send globally in the … Continue reading

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Review part Deux: The Dog & Duck Public House & Restaurant

Pub Makes Amends and Proves the Personal Touch can Still be Found in Calgary Address: 5340 2nd St. SW Calgary I love management that actually cares about what people think of their establishment. They know that word of mouth can … Continue reading

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