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Port Hardy awaiting the final fix

Driving out of Fort Rupert had me a bit nervous. Would my RV handle the same after the steering repair? But I was only travelling five minutes down the highway to Port Hardy RV & Resort, then another five minutes … Continue reading

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Off road not the way I wanted it

I had done my two weeks at Cluxewe Resort, and was feeling antsy to get out. But the weather had decided to throw a curveball of 10-30cm of snow forecast overnight, with me leaving the next day. I decided to … Continue reading

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A Last refuge beyond which all hope is lost

The cold and snow at Cluxewe Resort arrived with a vengeance. I was inside my RV, heater under my feet, looking out through a crack in the blinds, trying to keep all the heat I could near me.  The world … Continue reading

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