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My iPrayer to Steve Jobs

Hello Mr Jobs. I see you’ve been busy in your new role as heaven’s technology innovator. I really thought you’d take it easy for a bit, but no, you’re right back in it, stirring things up as you always did … Continue reading

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Cooking Show Comic Genious

I got curious about what kind of internet cooking shows might be out there so I fired up You Tube and typed in “cooking shows” in their search. The “Trailer Park Cooking Show” catches my eye so I pull up … Continue reading

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Do you want Fries with that?

I went over to T&T Supermarket last night for some fruit and stopped by the noodle isle. That’s right, you go to an oriental grocery, the noodle selection takes up a whole isle. The store was about to close, so … Continue reading

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Damn, you Ice Cream truck!

It seems lately that that my neighborhood has been bombarded by Ice Cream trucks. You really can’t miss them – at least by sound. That silly musical bonging playing the same thing over and over and over. The thing of … Continue reading

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Flower of the Day out of Nowwhere

Little story behind this picture. I’ve had this mystery plant popping up a few leaves in my rock garden for about 5 years now – I think it showed up as a hanger on with one of my purchased plants. … Continue reading

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If I was King of the World

So let’s pretend I was King of the World. One day, the people’s representative comes to me with a problem

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Random tomfoolery

Farewell emails in this recession era are one of those things where people have gotten bitten by technology they don’t fully understand. First of all, why, oh why do companies give there employees the ability to send globally in the … Continue reading

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Prediction for 2009: Duke Nukem Forever will finally be released!

Alright, you might be thinking ‘wtf is he smoking?’ or ‘wtf is Duke Nukem?’, if you’re young enough. That second part is scary. It has been well over TEN YEARS since the original Duke Nukem 3D was released. It was … Continue reading

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Shamwow humour

I got to wondering about those Shamwow things they advertise on TV. You can watch the ad online in case you never watch TV, or you can take my word that it’s a rag that’s supposed to have some amazing … Continue reading

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Some Hang Drum Music to mellow out to

This is a cool piece of muzac played on a “Hang” (Wiki for more details) Interesting music on an interesting instrument.

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