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San Diego Zoo in a Day

The second attempt to visit the San Diego Zoo went much more smoothly. I only got off at the ‘a’ exit rather than the ‘b’ exit coming off the freeway, so the googles had to route me on a little … Continue reading

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My First Travel Day

My time in White Tank Mountain Regional Park was at an end today. I could have stayed another day and hiked a few more trails I had not been on – leave that for next time. You may be wondering … Continue reading

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How to say goodbye to a friend that is dying

A good friend passed away recently. It wasn’t the perfect end to a friendship that one would hope for; indeed such a thing may not exist. But in passing she gave me an answer to a question I have pondered … Continue reading

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Zoo Bridge

As I am now past the median age in this country, or anywhere for that matter, I can now pontificate on how things used to be, since more than half of you out there were not around to see the … Continue reading

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Canon T1i review

I bought the Canon Digital Rebel T1i, the 10-22mm Canon lens and the 70-200 F4 L lens + 1.4 extender, along with the kit lens, 18-55mm. Having previously owed the original digital Canon Rebel, I found my T1i to be … Continue reading

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Alnoor Kassam just lost any chance of getting my vote

Occasionally, a politician does something so monumentally stupid that with a single act, they kill any hope of their being elected. Sometimes they just do something to honk me off and permanently loose any chance of getting my vote. I … Continue reading

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Flickr is my friend

IMG_0989aOriginally uploaded by ferreth. I have a flickr account. Look at the pretty pictures. Ooooh, aaaah….

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