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Young enforcer near Merville

After driving through snow, I leave the weather system as I travel south on Vancouver Island, from Woss. I’m going to do a resupply in Campbell River, then head a little further south to some of the last little bit … Continue reading

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Bere Point: oceanside camping at its finest

My long stay around Kidney Lake was done. I was going to take a ferry to Malcom Island, and head for Bere Point Campground – one the locals had told me it was really nice. I could see that the … Continue reading

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What I really thought of Living Forest Campground

Having stayed in Living Forest Campground for three weeks, I had a good chunk of time to see what the campground was like, at least in the off season. Keep in mind, I’m not evaluating things that are not running … Continue reading

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Of mice and old men

It was time to leave Kootenay Lake.  The nights were getting darn cold with the rain ending and the clearing skies. Additionally, I had a new unwelcome body guest – Henry the hemorrhoid. I had also taken on an unwelcome … Continue reading

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The long sort keep store

I was back in Calgary after two days of decompress at a campground. It was time to finally sort out my moving mess into garbage, take, and store. The garbage was mostly taken care of, but I needed to work … Continue reading

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Getting out in time

The last day dawned with me not being in my house. This was planned, as part of my junk removal had been to throw out my mattress – too worn to be worth bothering to store at this point. But … Continue reading

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Hells Half Acre

It is the last day for me to hike in the desert, let’s hope it will be a good one! Hopefully I will not be blocked by a canyon in getting to my destination: Hells Half Acre!

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Walk It to Appreciate It

Returning to the rig from my Sunrise view of the Grand Canyon, I pack three bottles of water. I also pack my three heavy lenses, lunch, rain gear, map, bean bag tripod. Ugh, this pack is heavy. Ditch a lens? … Continue reading

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Sunrise on Top of the Grand Canyon

I decided today that I was going to see the Grand Canyon at sunrise, then do my walk down into the canyon. One of the rangers had advised that Mather Point was a good place to see the sunrise. So … Continue reading

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No Lens Wide Enough

I woke up early, well, early for me. The inside of the RV was just beginning to lighten up, telling me it was around 7am. I lay there for a few minutes, thinking I might get back to sleep. Then … Continue reading

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