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Porsche Cayenne vs skydiving Squirrel suit guy

I was watching some old diggnation episodes and hear about a guy who is trying to perfect a flying squirrel suit that will allow him to jump out of a plane and fly to the ground, landing without a parachute. … Continue reading

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Mini Firefox 2.0 review

Easiest install ever. Done in 90 seconds. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you how long it took, but it felt short. I’m sitting there running FF2.0, thinking “that’s it? I’m done?!” No reboot. No long download. Okay, I did close my … Continue reading

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The new media

Further to my last post, I actually found something interesting being done by a Canadian broadcaster CTV. Now, for the last two years, they have been releasing the previous season of DVD’s for a show around the time new episodes … Continue reading

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TV is dead, long live TV

TV as we know it from basic cable and air broadcast is dying. About time. I have been watching some episodes of Tiki Bar and Diggnation. One led me to the other, in a weird warped way. But that’s not … Continue reading

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