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Alnoor Kassam just lost any chance of getting my vote

Occasionally, a politician does something so monumentally stupid that with a single act, they kill any hope of their being elected. Sometimes they just do something to honk me off and permanently loose any chance of getting my vote. I … Continue reading

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Review: The Dog & Duck Public House & Restaurant

Interesting House converted into a Pub – Ruined by bad Service Address: 5340 2nd St. SW Calgary Edit: You may want to check out my newer review, which comes on a re-visit with much better service A bit tricky to … Continue reading

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What are they smoking over at Future Shop?

I’m browsing my way through the B5 stuff at Future Shop when I run across this little gem: ” In 1994 Star Trek had to take a backseat to this science fiction series, created by Michael…” Uhhh, I don’t know … Continue reading

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Shake that C Train

Yet another post on the C Trains. Here I am yet again on a packed train and lo, what happens as we hit the zoo stop – another train problem. This is like the third time – I’m beginning to … Continue reading

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