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My First Travel Day

My time in White Tank Mountain Regional Park was at an end today. I could have stayed another day and hiked a few more trails I had not been on – leave that for next time. You may be wondering … Continue reading

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Waterfalls with no Water and Many People

I proceeded up the trail from Petroglyph Plaza, joining what seemed like a throng of people after my previous day with hours of not seeing anyone. But it’s not crowded by city standards at any rate.

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A Zen Moment at the Petroglyphs

After a long hike, I figured a short hike was in order to not push the muscles too hard. Not to mention, the other big loop was super long, probably a bit beyond my current capabilities. So, I decided to … Continue reading

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Ford Canyon Hike

I figured since I was doing a big hike, it was fitting I have a big breakfast, especially since I had had a glorious sleep and was feeling awesome to start the day, who wouldn’t feel inspired seeing this sunrise?

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Cooking in a new no space

To finish off the vein of “nothing is the same anymore” we get to cooking. I’m going to need a good hearty meal for my upcoming hike tomorrow, plus we need to figure out how to cook in this small … Continue reading

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Nothing is the same anymore

If you know where the quote the title of my post came from, then you are a person of impeccable taste. If you need to Google it, good luck, it’s not that obvious. But it fits my first day in … Continue reading

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Travelling OK, shopping – not so much

For the first part of my adventure, I went with something easy and booked myself a nice campsite at White Tank Mountain Regional Park. So how did I end up parked at a Walmart for the night?

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Packing in three dimmensions

Packing for a trip is both exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. Exciting, as you grab each item and think of the adventures you will have. Nerve wracking, thinking about the items you may not have grabbed that … Continue reading

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