Yes, I’ve been ignoring the blog for a while!

Columbine PXL_20220513_162009287 (2) Why yes, I have been ignoring this blog for a few weeks now. I’m still alive, just decided my muse needed some time away from the writing to recharge and reinvigorate. I’m back in Alberta, just travelling locally at the moment. I promise I’ll catch up my adventures eventually. In the meanwhile I’m getting other things done, and entertaining myself watching The 8-bit guy, a nostalgic trip back into the dawn of personal computing for me. Check him out if you want to see videos about your favorite old computer system.

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Dolores River ancient path hikes

Flower w Fly SR601819 My first full day at Dolores River boat Launch dawned refreshingly cool – but with a promise of heat to follow judging by the blue skies and already warming sun. My plan today was to explore the local area a bit. If I found a promising trail into the valley, I might do a longer hike the following day and see how far down up the river I could get. My days ended upĀ  even having some unexpected bonuses! Continue reading

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Bedrock – Superior to Fred Flintstone’s version

Motorola sign SR601835

Sign on the Bedrock store

My journey south was about to take an eastward leg into the hills. No more flat plane driving for me, it was going to be windy roads, mostly off the Interstates. The googles was taking me toward Albuquerque, New Mexico mostly by the paths less traveled which was fine with me. I was sure to see more interesting stuff, and stop at things more than just another rest stop on the Interstate. I just have to make sure I do a left turn at Albuquerque.
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Playing God above Utah Lake

Power to Infinity SR601785

I had lots of power beside my boondocking spot

My travels down to Utah followed Interstate 15 for the most part. I was doing a short hop today as I also was doing a grocery run and dumping my tanks. FreeRoam had pointed out a BLM dispersed camping spot beside the lake. But looking at it on the map I saw that I might be able to camp on the other side of the road further away from the lake against the hills. A view of the campers far away was preferable to being among them for me.
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Not so Private Idaho Campground

Snow above me SR601724

Snow is still chasing after me as I go south

I’ve left Montana and am back in Idaho, not far from Idaho Falls. The highway has been blissfully empty until now, but this area has more people and more traffic on the highway. I see a cop’s lights up ahead, but there is just enough traffic that I can’t pull over to the left lane and keep up my speed. So I slow right down to pass them. I see the cop has a partly restored old Camaro pulled over. I can’t believe what I see next. Continue reading

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Thompson Falls googles fail

RV close to mine PXL_20220428_023220339

Where I ended up

The day had come for my first time crossing into the United States of America by vehicle. While I have done the trip a couple of times flying, I’m still a newbie when it comes to travelling to the USA. I had eaten/processed all my fresh fruit and veg. I knew where I was from. I knew where I was going. I was set for the border guard questions. I was planning to travel to boondocking near Butte, Montana. I ended up changing my mind at the last minute.
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Goat River unofficial beats snow and no cell

Langs Coocoos PXL_20220426_180336493

The ice cream shop of my childhood vacations

I had left Box Lake, heading south towards the US border. My next stop was planned to be near Creston, BC. But my choice of camp in the official recreation site was far up the river, past the cell service and possibly in the snow still. But I had checked Free Roam and found an ‘unofficial’ Goat River site on crown land much farther down the river, within cell service. There would be no snow down there, I hope. But in the meanwhile, I had a drive through some familiar territory from my childhood.
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Adapt to the situation

Wragge Beach SR601618

Islands just off of Wragge Beach

My aborted trip to Wragge Beach Campground on Slocan Lake had me waking up somewhat unlevel camped partway to the site. But my sleep had been fine, it seemed being slightly tilted head down did not affect me as much as I’d thought. I could hack this for one more night – that would give me a chance to hike into Wragge Beach Campground over the snow and see what I was missing. Continue reading

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I found snow, again

Vancouver Island receding PXL_20220419_210307392

Vancouver Island receding

I am really coming to dislike the actual process of getting to or from Vancouver Island. While I even managed to leave a little early, and get to the ferry an hour before its departure, I still managed a second time not get on that ferry. Now, I had considered this a possibility so getting the 1pm rather than the 10:40am ferry was not a disaster. I could still make it to Keremeos by about 7pm, a little later than I’d like, but I’d take it.
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Regrouping in a familiar spot before leaving the Island

Unusually late snow SR601548

Snow in Headquarters Woods

I had just been booted out of my great camping spot in the Headquarters forest. I needed a quick solution as to where I’d spend the night. Worst case, I could pay to stay in an RV park! But I had previously been in the forest near Merville. It was not ideal – too many people coming in, but I figured I could hack it for a few more days until I was ready to leave the island. Continue reading

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