Last visit then adios, speedily north I go

San Bruno Cemetery SR600697

Cemetary in San Bruno

We were headed north, which seemed weird. There had been no obvious destination where we went ‘we have arrived, time to turn around’. We were just heading north because we had not felt like heading further south this time. But isn’t that the point of travel life, to go the direction you feel like going ‘just because’? It was to be my last few days with the group before I had to head north much faster. I had a meeting to make in Texas, so I would have a reason to head north much quicker soon!

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Beer for the long trip north

Overhanging Bougainvilleas PXL_20240229_191748875 - Copy

Bougainvilleas were blooming in Mulege

Leaving our Mulege ocean spot, we had one further stop in mind, only a few minutes drive down the highway from where we were now. So we might as well explore Mulege a bit more before heading to Mulege Brewery, our Harvest Host stop for the night. Then it would be northward bound!

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Misdirections and narrow streets at points south

Mulege old town entry PXL_20240226_192717895 - C

The entry to old town Mulege

We were headed south to Mulege. Our plan was to try a beach spot just west out of town, then hit one Harvest Host spot just a bit further south. That was going to be our furthest south this trip. We don’t have a ‘must see everything’ attitude traveling a new area. We’d rather take our time, see what we felt like seeing, and come back if there is still more to see. Frankly we had missed a lot of stuff coming south in the first place – there was much to see we could hit coming back north too. But first let’s dive into what there was to see as far south as we got!

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Deceptive abandoned campground

Abandoned camp reflection SR600660 - C

Abandoned, or not so abandoned campground?

Camping by a lava field had been great, but it was time to find some oceanside camping again. We were headed for Santa Rosalía, a former copper mining town that now is more focused on tourism. My research had told me the town still had extensive infrastructure from its copper mining days along the highway. I was expecting an industrial feel to the town. The plan was to stealth camp a night somewhere close to the main harbour, then explore the town from there. Read on to see if we had the best laid plans of mice and men!

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Camping at the foot of a lava flow

Lava clinker view Las Tres Vírgenes 7D2_7322 - C

Las Tres Virgenes from a sunset lit lava field

Our stay at San Ignacio was only a one night thing. The square is way too noisy for a restful sleep. Not to mention, being parked beside the main tourist attraction for more than one night would definitely be pushing it. We moved on, with Carolyn having scouted out a location with great potential beside a lava field. Read on to see what we found there!
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Contemplation and separation into Sur Baja

San Ignacio PXL_20240215_005406667 - C

Looking past the church grounds to San Ignacio

We had passed into Baja Sur, half way down the Baja peninsula. It had been quite the adventure at the half way mark. We needed some time to chill after all the stress. The plan had been to camp not far from Guerrero Negro so that we could meet up with some of our group that had been staying at a campground, then head back into town for one last resupply before heading further south. But the semi-fixed sand dunes we were camped around had more charm than expected. Plus we were all on our own out here, at least until our camp was invaded. Read on to find out about all that! Continue reading

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Breakdowns, king tides and an industrial feel

Osprey lands above me PXL_20240209_193548128~2Heading out of Bahia de los Angeles, we crossed the spine of Baja again, landing on the Pacific coast at Guerrero Negro. We went from sleepy fishing village to salt mining industrial feel town. It definitely seemed grungy after our idyllic stay on the east coast of Baja. There were some trials and tribulations as well. But not all was bad, we found some charming spots in town. There were also lots of birds to photograph in the huge tidal flats by our camp. Read on to see more!

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Magical small town vibes

Baja bioluminescent waves SR600549 - Copy

Strong bioluminescent waves encountered walking back along the beach from dinner

We were heading south along highway 5, looking for our next great boondocking spot. The problem was that we had limited time there as a group. I had to be back in Texas of all places by early March. But we wanted to explore the whole peninsula, all the way down to Cabo. So the conflict was wanting to stop at every cool boondocking spot versus making miles south to get to Cabo. The miles won the debate this time. We decided that the stuff along highway 5 was more of the same. It was time to head inland, then back out to the coast further south at Bahia de los Angeles! Continue reading

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First Baja beach boondocking

Kayak on glass seas PXL_20240130_182523687 - C

Glass smooth ocean for first kayaking!

San Felipe was nice to explore and has some great eateries.  The campground we were in was OK, but we were hankering for some Baja beach boondocking. For me, that was what hooked me on going to Baja Mexico in the first place.  A quiet beach was a bucket list item for me down here. Spots were researched going south. What would we end up at?

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Campground decompression in San Felipe

San Felipe and bird PXL_20240128_163716994 - C

View to San Felipe from north of our campground

So our first boondocking spot was a bit more adventurous than we would have preferred. No RVer likes unexpected soft sand trying to take their rig into the abyss. But a day of relaxation at our hard won spot had us recovered and ready to travel to parts more civilized. San Felipe, here we come! Continue reading

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