The long RV adventure begins

“Star Trek” sucked me in as a kid – people traveling to unknown destinations, seeing things no human had seen before intrigued me. I also liked reading old adventure magazines that told tales of exploring the deep jungles of the Amazon – at the time written one of the last places western civilization had not yet penetrated completely. But what really put the travel bug into me was reading Travels with Samantha, a journey one man embarked on after losing his faithful companion. I always had that thought in the back of my head, how it would be great to travel the continent somehow – seeing what there is to see in an area then traveling whatever direction seemed most interesting next. But while I occasionally looked at alternate ways of living that might allow me to travel, I kept following the well worn path most others follow living in western culture.
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Leaving the Desert

My before dawn rising to head to the airport is probably overkill, but I’ve seen enough of Phoenix’s traffic jams that I’m not taking any chances.

At any rate, I’m up in the predawn, a few minutes before the continental breakfast is supposed to start in the dining room of the American Inn. I do a quick wash and head down. The continental breakfast offered is a basic fare, but they do have a waffle maker if you wish to partake. I’m sticking with toast and coffee. The room has a view of the indoor courtyard – I get to watch the sky slowly start to lighten up with the new day. I was hoping to have the place to myself or at least just a quiet couple of people. But a whole family arrives shortly after me, with their morning chatter.
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Covid Interuptis Walk

We have left decorated rocks for you to find. Each with a message that is friendly and kind. Look side to side, forward and behind. Please leave them in place if you don't mind.

I’m not quite done talking about my adventure to the desert, but the latest post is taking longer to gel. My muse is more difficult to understand than usual. But in the meanwhile while we are all COVID-19 isolated, I have a little story, from much smaller travels: my walkabout in the neighborhood.

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RV-less in Phoenix for a night

I have left my RV behind, walking down the sidewalk with my luggage in tow. It is a warm afternoon and I am starting to sweat a bit with the exertion. My plan was to hit the Motel 6 at the first major intersection, about a 10 minute walk down the sidewalk back at the first major road.
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Sunrise at Burro Creek Campground 7D2_5943

I had arrived back from Hells Half Acre later than I had hoped. It now was time to start the process I had come to think of as “de-RVing”. That meant getting everything ready to return my RV, retaining only what was going to fit in a suitcase and carry on bag. A quick canned dinner, then I start in on the process.

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Hells Half Acre

Burro Creek Bridge in Early Light 7D2_5757
It is the last day for me to hike in the desert, let’s hope it will be a good one! Hopefully I will not be blocked by a canyon in getting to my destination: Hells Half Acre!
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No Way From Here to There

Highway 93 Bridges of Burrow Creek 7D2_5734

One thing I have noticed on this trip is that I plan ahead way less than I thought I would. I seem to be happy just looking at what is up ahead of me, doing a little poking around on my maps. Perhaps I do a little research on the internet. Then I just go, and figure out the rest when I get there. That was not going to work out for me today.

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The Not so Abandoned Mines?

Ocotillo Flowers 7D2_5674

After my morning discard discoveries, I finish a good lunch. Now, it was time to travel up Signal Road, behind the hill and find the other mine my topo map said was behind there. What would I find back there?

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Discards in the Desert

Wash Near Camp 7D2_5643

For my second day here, I had resolved to check out the second mine on my map, having been chased out of the area by bad weather the previous day. But there was to be other strange discoveries this day as well.

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South on the 93

Route 66 Sign SR602202

I leave the Grand Canyon reluctantly, not only because I am leaving behind such a natural wonder, but that I am going on to my last travel leg – heading south towards Phoenix and my return home. I had no plan beyond that, due to lack of internet signal. I decided that I would head towards my “plan B” site from my planning to get to the Grand Canyon, then south on the 93. Once I had some Internet, I could plan more specifically.

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