The scenery around where I am

Nanaimo Cloud Reflection SR600446The sun does shine occasionally on Vancouver Island in the fall. When it does, you make the most of it and get out there, right up until the last light fades – and even beyond to see the stars. Living Forest Campground has some great scenery right around the campground, and only a short walk away. Continue reading

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Petroglyph Park

Petroglyph Park Entrance SR600330
While staying at Living Forest Campground, I happened to be walking distance from Petroglyph Provincial Park, a small site featuring petroglyphs carved in sandstone. I can walk to both a provincial park and a grocery store from my campsite, how great is that? Continue reading

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First impressions of Living Forest Campground

My Typical View SR600320
I open the windows to gaze out for the first time at the view I have paid a premium for in Living Forest Campground. It is a hazy drizzly morning, but I do say, the view is pretty sweet. I’m not complaining at this point about paying extra for an “Oceanview” site.
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How did I end up setting up camp in the dark?

I had not planned much for getting onto Vancouver Island. I figured I didn’t have much of a schedule other than ‘arrive at campsite before dark’. There would be no need to reserve a ferry spot, ferries don’t fill up this time of year. I had stayed in Keremeos thinking it would be close enough to Vancouver that I could drive through in the day, have a nice mid-afternoon ferry ride, then a short drive to my campsite and setup before dark. So how did I end up setting up camp way after dark?

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A day in Keremeos

Red Fall Colored Tree SR600277 The season was fall according to the trees, but the cold was definitely creeping in. I was happy to be plugged in, warm, and showered. Feeling civilized again, I was ready for my one day exploring Keremeos by foot. My journey would take me down the former railway, now a straight path all the way into Keremeos. Hopefully, I can find something open for lunch on a Sunday, perhaps even a pub to have a beer in!
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Of mice and old men

Snowy mountain SR600243

It was time to leave Kootenay Lake.  The nights were getting darn cold with the rain ending and the clearing skies. Additionally, I had a new unwelcome body guest – Henry the hemorrhoid. I had also taken on an unwelcome RV guest, Big Blacky, the large black mouse that I heard rattling around in my RV while trying to get to sleep one evening. Of prime importance, I only had two more sleeps until I had to be on Vancouver Island!
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Days on the Lake

View out the dining room window
My first full day on Kootenay Lake dawned misty and grey, but no rain! I’ll take it at this time of the year, the wet season has begun here and anything “not raining” is a win for weather. It will be a good day for a hike. I have several sources, of maps, even some old school paper map books of the area. I have found something interesting in  my “Backroad Mapbook”. We will use that for the first hike to go on. But the bridge I need to cross to to get to my destination is supposed to be out. Will I be able to get there?

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Leaving Edwards, with a side trip on the way to Kootenay Lake

My time at Edwards Lake was done, but my drive to Kootenay Lake would not take that long. I could sneak in one more morning walk to Loon Lake before the drive to Kootenay Lake.

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Edwards Lake – fishing and exploring downtime

Edwards Lake Sunrise

I get up with the beginnings of the light to see some morning red sky. I manage to get a picture of that before it fades away to grey a few minutes later. My furnace kills the chill, but I don’t crank it anymore than I need – power is limited to one battery for now and it is looking to be a cloudy day. There will not be much solar recharge and I want at least one more night at this awesome spot.

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To Edwards Lake – first real camping

Driving out of Lethbridge is one thing, but driving out of Alberta when you know you will not be back again for at least six months is a strange thing. Goodbye blue skies, open prairies, but also goodbye hick attitudes in the country, dick trucks and fake cowboy culture. BC beckoned beyond the mountains rising before me – time to explore and try out my first camping for real this time.
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