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Calgary home and tourist

I was back in Calgary after my trip north. My dental round two and Grom order, round two awaited. My car had to be sold. But there were delays as per the norm it seems these days. I had some … Continue reading

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Yes, I’ve been ignoring the blog for a while!

Why yes, I have been ignoring this blog for a few weeks now. I’m still alive, just decided my muse needed some time away from the writing to recharge and reinvigorate. I’m back in Alberta, just travelling locally at the … Continue reading

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Dolores River ancient path hikes

My first full day at Dolores River boat Launch dawned refreshingly cool – but with a promise of heat to follow judging by the blue skies and already warming sun. My plan today was to explore the local area a … Continue reading

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Bedrock – Superior to Fred Flintstone’s version

My journey south was about to take an eastward leg into the hills. No more flat plane driving for me, it was going to be windy roads, mostly off the Interstates. The googles was taking me toward Albuquerque, New Mexico … Continue reading

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Adapt to the situation

My aborted trip to Wragge Beach Campground on Slocan Lake had me waking up somewhat unlevel camped partway to the site. But my sleep had been fine, it seemed being slightly tilted head down did not affect me as much … Continue reading

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Regrouping in a familiar spot before leaving the Island

I had just been booted out of my great camping spot in the Headquarters forest. I needed a quick solution as to where I’d spend the night. Worst case, I could pay to stay in an RV park! But I … Continue reading

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Locked in Headquarters Creek Woodlands

You might guess from the title of my post that I did end up trying another spot after my previous one had some unwanted visitors. You might also guess that things did not go exactly to plan in my new … Continue reading

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Oddities in the woods

I was parked in my new secluded spot, close enough to the lake to walk over and fish, but not so close that I’d get visitors in my spot. I had another nice day of weather coming up. I figured … Continue reading

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First boondocking with a history bonus

My original plan had been to head out to one of the recreation sites in the Port McNeill area. But the roads remained icy for days following the snow – including adding a bit more ice with rain falling in … Continue reading

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Junction Pool: Creepy or just dark?

My next destination was Junction Pool – a confluence of the Adam and Eve River that ended up feeling more satanic than biblical to me. At least, it felt creepy out there. Was it just the dark trees or was … Continue reading

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