Sayward looking for tourists

Sayward Pond 2021-12-13_08-33-57

Sayward pond, with the campground in the distance

I picked Sayward for my next glamping spot (full hookups) because it was in a good location for driving to several possible destinations beyond, and it was cheap. I wasn’t really expecting much in terms of sights to see or things to do and on that front I was correct. But it was a good place to recharge and catch up a few errands.
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Little Bear Bay: lots of rain and another mouse

Rainy day in the RV blogging PXL_20211125_195246324
I spent my next day at Little Bear Bay inside.  I woke up to rain, and this continued until the late afternoon. It only really stops just before sunset, which is just a slow darkening of the skies to black. I’m was not quite out of reach of civilization here, but close. My only contact was faint AM radio, fading in and out which was very frustrating when the very occasional weather forecast on Global radio gives comes on. But I at least had a vague idea that tomorrow might be a better day, followed by yet another drenching of rain. In the meanwhile, I divide my time between blogging, reading actual books, and some short walks when the rain isn’t falling too much. Continue reading

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Unexpected discoveries

Forest above Pye Falls
It would seem I was not going to escape the effects of the BC floods entirely. A thirty litre cap on fuel purchases had put a slight crimp in my travel plans. I looked at the mileages and fuel stops carefully and decided to visit Little Bear Bay, a BC recreation site on the ocean between Campbell River and Sayward.
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My thoughts travelling so far to Xmas

Fall Color Water Valley SR600003
My first season in my RV is almost done with Xmas approaching. How’s living in an RV been so far? It’s a question I get asked a fair bit. What I don’t get asked is has living in an RV changed you at all so far? I’ll muse on both of these this post, interspersing the verbiage with some of my favorite photos I’ve taken so far.

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What I really thought of Living Forest Campground

Viewpoint after sunset glow SR600633
Having stayed in Living Forest Campground for three weeks, I had a good chunk of time to see what the campground was like, at least in the off season. Keep in mind, I’m not evaluating things that are not running like the café, and the games room. Overall, this is a great campground, but there are a couple of niggles that almost cost this place its five star review on the googles.
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A sunny day in central Nanaimo

Nanaimo Sunny day skyline SR600500
The forecast was for sun all day today, with no chance of rain. I figured this would be my best chance to travel into Nanaimo on my kick scooter and see what there was to see. The campground was only a 40 minute scoot from central Nanaimo. I’d just fold it up and take it to whatever I found for a lunch spot.
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The stuff around where I am

Fire hydrant in the woods SR600387
I tend to take pictures of “stuff”, a general category that includes anything I find interesting that isn’t an animal or scenery picture. One advantage of photographing stuff is that it is a broad category – so I’m most likely to be able to always find some stuff to photograph where ever I go. Yes, my stuff could be categorized more finely, like architecture, urban decay, trees, but then I’d have too hard a time explaining what I take pictures of other than it being a lotta different stuff.
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The animals around where I am

Woodpecker SR600407
For a campground only ten minutes drive from central Nanaimo, Living Forest Campground has a lot of wildlife around it. Then again, a river with spawning salmon all around for food is going to attract a lot of animals regardless of civilization being nearby. Continue reading

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The scenery around where I am

Nanaimo Cloud Reflection SR600446The sun does shine occasionally on Vancouver Island in the fall. When it does, you make the most of it and get out there, right up until the last light fades – and even beyond to see the stars. Living Forest Campground has some great scenery right around the campground, and only a short walk away. Continue reading

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Petroglyph Park

Petroglyph Park Entrance SR600330
While staying at Living Forest Campground, I happened to be walking distance from Petroglyph Provincial Park, a small site featuring petroglyphs carved in sandstone. I can walk to both a provincial park and a grocery store from my campsite, how great is that? Continue reading

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