Getting Unstuck in Arizona

The day dawned cool and a a little wonky feeling. Then I remembered. I was sleeping the other way in the bunk to have my head uphill in the sort of level spot I was sitting on, having gotten stuck last night. I wasn’t sleeping anymore at that point – was already thinking about how we were going to tow my rig 400 feet back to the known solid ground at the entrance to area we were in.

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Getting Stuck in Arizona

I am heading back to Arizona today. I have a camp to check out for our little group of Patreons of Carolyn’s RV Life. I’d put off going back to Arizona an extra day to be able to hit the beach. Now it was a day of chores and travel to get back to the camp by evening.

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Beach Day

I had decided to extend my stay in the San Diego area one extra day, to try and find that beach I’d been wanting to get to. It has been too long since I’ve dipped my feet in the Pacific Ocean.

Ma Tar Awa Viejas Campground 7D2_4230

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San Diego Zoo in a Day

The second attempt to visit the San Diego Zoo went much more smoothly. I only got off at the ‘a’ exit rather than the ‘b’ exit coming off the freeway, so the googles had to route me on a little tour around the neighborhood, around a block, and back the way I needed to go to get to the zoo.

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Just Take My Money and Give Me My Data!

The day starts out nice enough. I’m up around 3000 feet, so I’m glad it is not a super cold night for up there – got tanks that could freeze if it gets too cold. My plan for today is to get back where I can get an internet signal (absolutely nothing at Cibbets Campground). Once connected, sign up for another $100 for 10 gigs for 20 days. Then use my googles to find my way to the San Diego Zoo for a day. Things were not going to go to plan today. Not even close.

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Accidental PCT Hike

Leaving Fortuna Pond, I set a pin down to the nearest Walmart. The big G decides to take me out another way, down a different set of levee roads. No big deal, I think, it’s more of the same, right?

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Water Attracts Many People

Kofa had been been great, but it was time to move on. I’ve only seen one little piece of this magnificent desert park – empty, quiet and mostly unspoiled landscape. I need to return to this place again.

But first on the list, get out of Kofa. My mirror was re-duct taped; looked solid enough to survive the road out, I thought. Yet, I don’t trust it enough to use the driver’s side door – every slam of the door shakes the mirror around like a wobbly head. Would the rest of the rig make it out? Well, we were about to find out!
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A Late Afternoon Stroll to a Quarry

I had re-duct taped my mirror, re-applied ointment to my head gash, and re-evaluated my second hike of the day. I felt I was good for a small hike to my southeast, down a cart track cars were banned from, perhaps climb the small hill that the road looked to end at.

Pharaoh's Head and Smoke Stack 7D2_3983

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Red Rocks and Blood

I am sitting here writing this after having re-assessed the price paid for seeing the red rocks hidden up in the hills to the west of me. I’m out here in nothing but swimming trunks, soaking in a bit of winter desert sun. There is blood pictured in this post, just to warn you.
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Horse Tanks to Mountain Tops

The day started at 6:30. Early to bed, early to rise seems to be the thing I’m doing now. Go look for a good sunrise.

First Sunrise in Kofa SR601768
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