Zoo day Ramblings

Having been on a day off Monday, I opted to visit the zoo, for only the second time this year. I seem to be about on par for my visit frequency. I was there mainly to see the new “Land of the Lemurs” Continue reading

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Windswept Brewery Bear Stout

Interesting purchase from Craft Cellars:

Windswept Brewing Co. “Bear” Russian Imperial Stout

Consumed with a roast beef dinner (left overs) with some added pearled barley to bulk up the left over potatoes and carrots.

Initial impression: Thick coffee, with a big kick from the 10.5% alc.

Excellent with my meal, goes really well with red meat starch and carrots. Malt – bitter balance just right.

Post impression: Wow, has an analgesic effect. I am pleasantly numb right now. This would do the trick to pull teeth in large quantities if Novocaine is not available. Will buy again.

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Tremendous web site

Check out this web site.


Believe me, it is the best way to check out the man who will solve everything with a great wall, for cheap, with many, many jobs created for the the county that will be great again, FAST!

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Cycling with Lions in Calgary, 2016

A decent amount of snow finally fell today, signalling the end of the cycling season for me this year, at least assuming we don’t get a big Chinook that melts all the snow again. Having not cycled to work since 2008, I found that the Calgary cycling scene has changed a bit since then. Continue reading

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Zoo Bridge

As I am now past the median age in this country, or anywhere for that matter, I can now pontificate on how things used to be, since more than half of you out there were not around to see the … Continue reading

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What is the ?

In the vein of “they are out to get you” I’m looking at Google autocomplete phrases in search. Is Google tailoring search suggestions to your previous searches? Are they tailoring the searches to sell you something?

For certain, Google’s autocomplete can be useful in firming up one’s search. It can also lead to endless distractions ending up reading about something completely different than what one was looking for. It also can expose you to something cool you discovered while searching for something more mundane. Let’s drop a few partial searchs in, and see what Google autocompletes with. Continue reading

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Over $500K housing is 20% of the Canadian market

Mortgage rules in Canada have been tightened up again, with the hope that the high prices of some markets will be reigned in. I keep seeing the media parroting the line “The changes affect properties that cost more than $500,000 — a small percentage of the overall market” I got to wondering if this really is a small percentage.
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So you pissed it all away again…

Oil is sitting at under $40 a barrel. If that has you worried about your job in Alberta, good – you should be worried as the longer this lasts, the higher the unemployment rate is going to go. If you look at a long term inflation adjusted graph of oil prices, it was only 15 years ago we saw an extended period of under $40 oil, so be prepared for history to repeat itself. For those of you thinking this is really bad right now – you have seen nothing yet. Call me when unemployment rates in Alberta crosses 10%, and stays there.

But what can you do to prepare for a possible long period of unemployment? Continue reading

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Shedding some light on Monday’s Canadian Federal election

My analysis of the federal parties, in light bulb jokes:

How many Conservatives does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: None! We cut light bulbs from the last budget so you can save more taxes.

How many Liberals does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: I dunno yet, but here are some light bulbs I bought on credit?

How many New Democrats does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: Two! We need more light bulbs!

How many Greens does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: None! We plan to replace light bulbs with environmentally friendly LED lights!

Now put down that light bulb and go vote on Monday!

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St. Patrick’s Island NEW Park!

One of the things in life that takes me to my happy place is being able to explore a new park. It goes back to when I was eight years old and first allowed to go exploring on my own in Berlin, Germany while my mom was visiting with yet more relatives that I had never met before. The wonder of coming around a corner and seeing what came next in the greenery never has left me, so I was looking forward to exploring Calgary’s newly renovated St Patrick’s Island park. “Renovation” is a bit of understatement, more like rip things apart real good and put them back together in a new way is more like it. Even with the extreme makeover, the island is big enough that they managed to leave a good part of the old trees, and some of the landscape as is.
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