Alnoor Kassam just lost any chance of getting my vote

Occasionally, a politician does something so monumentally stupid that with a single act, they kill any hope of their being elected. Sometimes they just do something to honk me off and permanently loose any chance of getting my vote. I don’t know quite where this falls yet.

I first heard of Alnoor from his attention grabbing posters at LRT stations talking about building west LRT now, not years from now. Smart move, promising LRT improvements and talking about it in the exact location where people would be sympathetic.

So I check out his web site Seems pretty reasonable, not too much detail at the time, but this was early in the campaign. Perhaps some reasonable alternative to vote for come election day.

Then I start hearing about his previous business dealings in Kenya – not exactly a shining “Business Leader”. Furthermore, his line on his site “A city is no different than a business: it has an annual operating budget of $2 billion, 12 thousand employees and 1 million customers.” doesn’t exactly strike me as very compassionate – so as a “business” should Calgary kick out anyone that is not paying there way in this city?

The final straw is he’s just honked me off by leaving a phone spam message on my answering machine, showing a total lack of respect for my private phone line, which I don’t care to have turn into an auditory spam repository like, say, email these days. If that’s how Alnoor runs things when he’s trying show how great he is, I don’t want to even contemplate how he’d be if he was running the city. As far as how big a mistake this is, well, then depends on how many phones he’s left his message on – anyone out there get one of these on their cell phone?

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4 Responses to Alnoor Kassam just lost any chance of getting my vote

  1. Trever says:

    He is also a somewhat untrustworthy landlord. He raised some of his tenants rent from $650/month to $2500/month.

    This was supposedly to exploit a loophole in what kind of notice one must give if you are going to boot a tenant out in order to reno the unit and sell it instead of re-renting.

    Yes, slimeball all around it seems.

  2. Trever says:

    ok maybe I misread the article a bit, he’s just doing the force-out-by-raising-rent to reno so he can re-rent at the higher fee afterwards.

    Same dickhead in the end.

  3. Jon says:

    don’t know much about him but invading on our privacy to get our support seems arrogant to me, i just hope the apathy of Calgarians isn’t swayed by his repititve TV ad’s. I must say that i am disapointed in Bronco’s campaign

  4. James says:

    I won’t vote for him because he’s a crook, and his campaign wasn’t entirely based out of calgary, if he could get it cheaper in another city, he did… I shouldn’t be getting calls from BC about a calgary election! If he wanted my vote, he would have given his money to Calgarians.

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