Shake that C Train

Yet another post on the C Trains. Here I am yet again on a packed train and lo, what happens as we hit the zoo stop – another train problem. This is like the third time – I’m beginning to suspect some bad train karma coming from that station. It’s the usual – door that won’t stay closed. You never heard about the last one because the operator got it closed in short order.

This time it’s a little different again. Trains were running late today – not like it happens all the time, but it is becoming more frequent these days. I didn’t even try to get on the first train downtown as it was packed already without me trying to squeeze on. The next train was possible to get on, but was packed by the time we got to the end of downtown, with all the people who had not been able to get on the previous train.

We get to the (cursed?) zoo stop and the train sits there. The usual “please stand clear of the open doors” announcement heralds the beginning of the problems. The usual play commences – operator comes down to see what is happening. I can’t really see what’s going on this time, but since I’ve seen it twice now I can only assume its some variant of door goes open / door goes closed. The operator goes back to his cab in front.

I expect the usual – cycle the door open lights, perhaps the power on the train again, but no – this guy has to subscribe to a different fixit camp. You know that standard technique to fix all things, if you be without tools, time or energy? Just give the item at hand a good wack and hope it fixes things. Well, this guy suddenly wrenches the train forward, and brings it to an equally quick halt, tossing us about inside like a Caesar salad. He didn’t even turn the light off on the doors first, which for veteran riders means get ready for the jolt that comes when the newer model of trains get going.

So I’m standing there pissed off – moving my sore shoulder about to assess the damage (no lawsuit this time) when the operator comes on and asks the people in the back by the possessed door to try it again. After a short pause, door lights go off and the train lurches forward.

I guess that old ‘whack the CD-ROM drive’ to get it reading again trick works on trains in some form too.

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