Trains may break, but people can’t be put back together so easily

20minute Delay_1106

Last post here, I was witness to a C-train malfunction causing mayhem with the system. This time it was people breaking that leads to posting. Perhaps this will be a trend – every time I have a C-train story I post. I’m just glad not to be posting on that poor person that was pushed in front of a train – not something I ever need to see.
It was a late arrival at the station with a co-worker – just missed the previous train, but wasn’t in a particular big hurry at that point. When the next train arrives (not mine) some guy is blocking the door preventing it from closing. At first I think there is something wrong with the door (understandable considering my previous experience) then the C-Train operator comes over and goes in the train, ignoring the door entirely. Then I realize there is a guy seated just inside having a seizure of some sort. He didn’t seem in any immediate danger of dieing, but it was call the ambulance time and have him checked out. Awaiting the ambulance provided some side amusement. Watching people come madly sprinting up to the train and cram into whatever door was open at the time, then realize that they were going nowhere fast was amusing.
The paramedics arrive and check the guy out, then a couple go and get a stretcher as pictured. They carry the guy off the train onto the stretcher. He seemed okay, other than looking confused as to what was happening. What was interesting is that people were actually being courteous, trying to make room for the paramedics and get out of the way of their comings and goings. Nice to see some shreds of decency still exist in these parts. What else was interesting is that it only took 20 minutes from train stop to train resumption of service. Too bad it took the controllers over 15 minutes to get around to announcing that there was a delay.

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  1. Citizen Joe says:

    Controllers don’t do Public Annoucements. That is the job of PS100. Controllers just notify PS100, right after they have called 9-1-1 to request an ambulance.

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