Bison – the Other Red Meat

For my auspicious first post I give you… Bison meat.

My dad phones me yesterday and tells me that Crossroads market has a dealer selling bison meat from their farm. So I braved the crowds there on a Sunday to go find this source. I found the place, Sunwapta Bison, and purchase three kinds of steak of improving grade: Ribeye, New York, and Tenderloin. I also got the last of the hamberger patties, the only ones left were the large 6oz puppies.

I have one thawing right now for supper: 6oz Bison

That’s it beside the bottle cap – it’s big and very lean looking.

I hope it tastes as good as it looks. Updates once it’s hit the stomach.

[Later Edit] Mmmm, tasty. A bit over done perhaps? But it kept bleeding red while I was flipping it, so I kept cooking it. Might need to turn down the heat a bit. They do shrink a bit – I think I would prefer the 5oz so I can eat two of these things without being starving at the time.

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2 Responses to Bison – the Other Red Meat

  1. Zarquil says:

    What the….

    Bug gave you Ratsofrass? Oooh, ratsofrass! I suppose I’ll have to explain what Ratsofrass means sometime, eh?

    Having said that, that’s one fine looking burger… Mmmm.. Bison… I hit the vegetable sale at Heritage Park this weekend. New rule: I’m not allowed to do that on my own ever again. We just finished the canning.

  2. ralph says:

    Do explain – I thought it was a curse substitute?

    I could’ve spent a ton at Crossroads – fruit, meat, bread, cheeze, sausage all looked good. But it’s so packed in there I’d be waiting forever and the crowds bug me. Might try them on Friday and see.

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