I found my Mug!

If I have actually talked to you in meat space in the last month or so, you may remember me lamenting that I somehow lost my mug. Not just a mug but my favorite mug, given to me by a dear friend (Hi Pam!) some years ago.

mugI tend to use this mug a lot because it holds one pint of beer (with space for a head), chills nicely, and has a nice handle grip. Similar your favorite coffee cup, er well, you wouldn’t want to chill that unless you’re doing iced coffee – but I digress.

So when my mug seemed to just disapear, I thought at first that it would show up pretty quick, it musta just be somewhere other than on my desk or in the kitchen. A couple of days later, still no mug – so I go rooting through the house, checking all the more unusual spots I might have left it – fridge top, food cupboards, outside on the deck, garden. No mug. I’m really wondering at this point – a mug is not something I can easily bury in paper or drop behind a shelf like some of my other lost treasures of the past. So I pretty much gave it up to being beer gremlins or aliens swipe my mug, wipe my mind kind of thing. Oh yes, and for the record, I was not mind-blowingly drunk at the time I lost the mug, so I highly doubt I did anything like throw it off the deck to try to peg some annoying brats playing in the alley.

Then as I’m folding laundry today I’m sitting in front of my bed, and what do I see peeking out underneath? My Mug!

I have no idea how it got under there. My best guess is that it’s there from the last time I was folding laundry in front of the bed, which I don’t always do. I am so relieved – no aliens, gremlins, or blanked out drunken episodes to worry about now! In fact, I’m celibrating with a nicely chilled London Porter being drunk out of the mug right now. Perhaps I should’ve washed the mug first since it was under the bed… nah; the beer will kill the germs.

On another note, I promised Pam I’d put some pictures up here from our zoo trips, so here are a few from the most recent:

That’s all the pics for now. What I need is a way to upload pictures where it automatically scales them back to a size I set or I could just upload the big-ass originals. Thoughts?

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  1. Trever says:

    If you want to make large versions of pictures available, the easiest way would be to get a flickr account (basic ones are free). They have a blog interface that will let you enter a blog posting from the flickr site and have it automagically include a thumb of your picture and people would be able to click on that and get to the bigger versions on flickr.

    I’m also experimenting with a wordpress plugin that lets you pull your photos from flickr, so that you can do it the other way around . . .

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