You know, Canadians spend so much time bashing Americans we forget that Americans at their best produce some truly awe – inspiring feats unmatched the world over. Specifically today I am referring to the Mars Rovers, which are sending back pictures like this one. If you have not been following their travels lately, check out the pictures taken by Opportunity at the edge of Victoria crater.
These two robotic explorers, designed to last 3 months, are now on their 32nd month on the red planet. The pictures of rugged terrain coming back now are both beautiful and potentially laden with science information about our neighborhood planet. Way to go USA – I hope those rovers keep going for another 32 months of exploration where no one has gone before.

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  1. Trever says:

    ‘merkins aren’t ALL bad. Just enough of them to give weight to the stereotypes that cast them all in the same bad light.

    The mars rovers etc are good stuff, yes. Too bad NASA has been going down the tubes for decades. It’s becoming more and more a stuffed shirt emporium run by tired old men. Very little new blood coming in.

    Perennial funding troubles are partly to blame, but also the beuraucracy that has grown up over the years where it takes 1000 people to do the equivalent work of one or two back in the apollo heydays . . .

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