Porsche Cayenne vs skydiving Squirrel suit guy

I was watching some old diggnation episodes and hear about a guy who is trying to perfect a flying squirrel suit that will allow him to jump out of a plane and fly to the ground, landing without a parachute. Looking for more details, I through some old digg posts talking about the flying dude. That leads me to another site with a second video of the same suit. Turns out to be a Top Gear clip:

A Porsche Cayenne Turbo S driving down a hill vs. flying guy jumping from a helicopter 10,000 ft above said hill, both racing to a finish at the bottom of the hill. You can’t make this stuff up. Keep in mind here that we are talking about a C$157,000 car here, when you watch the video. Insanity, but that is what the Top Gear people seem to do best. I have to admit, I was intrigued by the Porsche SUV – 0-60mph in 4.8 sec would certainly be fun to beat those punk ass kids driving the Mustangs, and 168mph means I could drive Calgary – Edmonton in under an hour, sans cops. Plus, as a bonus, the Porsche sucks gas like there is no tomorrow. Oh, and if you can’t afford the C$157k, there is a low end model for $60,100. It just has speed comparable to standard SUVs. I just can’t see why there aren’t more of these in Calgary, land of the SUV. I mean, people are just desperate to find places to burn their hard earned cash. Perhaps Porsche needs a few well targeted ads around here to get the word out.

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  1. Trever says:

    You forgot to say that the video clearly shows the squirrel suit doesn’t negate the need for a parachute. It merely lets you cover a great deal of horizontal distance at high speed before you need to get the traditional sport chute out.

    The car too is a piece of crap faux 4 wheel drive since it nearly falls apart on the way down the bumpy rural road when driven at that speed. Top Gear isn’t kind to any of the cars it reviews 🙂

    You are right about the land of the SUV here though. I saw a Mercedes SUV of some kind yesterday. Ugly. Looked like a Panel Truck had some nasty sex in a dark alley with a mini transit bus. The only reason to have it (sporting a V8 logo on the side) is to say “Look at me, I’m an idiot with too much money”.

  2. ralph says:

    You’re right, currently they need a parachute. The “fly” link http://www.gizmag.com/go/3582/ talks about how the goal is to land without a parachute, although they are mum about exactly how they intent to accomplish this – probably the military is involved.

  3. Zarquil says:

    You need to hang out in a better section of the city, I guess.

    I’ve seen literally half a dozen Cayenne’s in the past two or three weeks. Every one of the silver.

    Thank ghod you’ll never catch me in one of those beasties. *I’ll* be the punk-assed kid in the Mustang.

    Err.. Murano.

    Yeah, whatever. Race ya to the bottom!

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