Wii!! Wii!!

I’m not normally interested in what’s going on in the gaming console market – I just consider them to be crippled gaming computers – very good gaming computers, but still crippled.

The Playstation with it’s DVD player was the last console that garnered any interest, due to the fact that for slightly more than a DVD player of the day you got a game machine as well.

Now Nintento has the Wii.  I’m hearing good things about this, and from other computer geeks my age, not just ads and <18yrs olds impressed by the latest of anything. What’s interesting here is the motion sensing controller. Things like practicing your golf swing, bowling, baseball, tennis, etc. are possible, where your performance matters somewhat at least on your technique, not just twitch reactions. Whereas everyone else (Xbox 360, PS3) are just doing more of the same (graphics, horsepower, storage), Nintendo is trying something a little different. Good for them – I may actually go try one of these things out in a mall after the Xmas rush is over.

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