Why use Gmail video?

I’ve been using Gmail for a bit, as a secondary account. Now, Gmail is now available to anyone and their dog. The engineers have made a video, telling you why you might want to use Gmail:
Why Use Gmail? video

Why do I think you might want to use Gmail, outside of what the video suggests?

1) Accessible. Yes, I know, any self-respecting geek has an email account they can get at anywhere, but this is for the rest of you that haven’t clued in that it might be a good thing to have an email account you can access anywhere you have internet.
2)Big. 2.822 GB of storage and increasing. With 5MB video attachments becoming ever more common, you need this kind of space these days.

3)Nested messaging. Yeah, I know the video covers this, but it can’t be over emphasized – grouping messages by thread makes it so much easier to follow a conversation – works more like newsgroups. What I’m not sure about is how well this works when you have multiple people being added/dropped to a thread as a conversation goes on – happens in a work situation when you are trying to move a process forward that requires input from different people as things move forward.

Someday, I’m going to get Trevor to show me how to easily embed Youtube videos into this blog. It’s easy, right?????

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2 Responses to Why use Gmail video?

  1. Trever says:

    I fixed the embedded video for you. Same problem as last time. You need to copy and paste the WHOLE object string from youtube, not just the first 20 characters or so.

    Your browser must not let you double-click in the “copy this” area to select-all ???


  2. ralph says:

    Urk. I would say my problem was PEBID, Problem Exists, Brain is Dead. I just wasn’t on top of my game that night. I know I needed the whole object string, I just couldn’t put it all together in video goodness.

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