New levels of bandwidth abuse

A while back when web pages were new, you had bandwidth hogs – people who designed web pages that were too large for their own good. One of the “tricks” used was to use an image to display text, when plain old text would be so much smaller, searchable, and clickable.

Well, now with video online, you have people displaying text, in videos – when they could just post on their blog, or make a Powerpointless presentation. What’s scary is that some of these things actually see the light of day on Digg or MySpace (ok, nothing surprises me on MySpace).

It seems that the fixation on the latest trend in technology is about the only thing that isn’t changing in consumer level technology. On top of it, I can’t even “read” these videos at a reasonable pace, since they are set at a speed for average grade 7 reading levels.

What really sucks is I feel like the old man on the porch yelling at the kids about how we didn’t do things that way in my day, but hey, in this case, I’d have to say it’s the same stupidity, new technology, and I never did do things that way in my day, so there.

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  1. Lori Olson says:

    Hey you kids, get offa my bandwidth!

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