Dirty Blonde dissapoints

My current home brew I have just started drinking dubbed “Dirty Blonde” has been a bit of a disappointment.

It comes off with a strong lemon flavor, finishing on a grapefruit note, minimal hop flavor. The left over yeast has a strange “sour yogurt” type of taste, best left behind on the bottom of the bottle.
I started with a Brew Canada kit, adding Munton’s light spray malt to firm up the body. I up the sugar content too, so it’s not like I’m brewing by the instructions here.
I’m going to point the finger at the Brew Canada kit here – the flavor was not as nice out of the can, and the hops had a harsh bitter edge, not much of a floral theme, and not much in terms of malty taste either. I thought the hops was a bit coarse as well, not good for imbibing the beer with flavor.

It’s not like Brew Canada is really cheap either, it is however available in grocery stores. I would just say don’t expect killer beer from these kits, however, it might be just fine if you follow the instructions – but I wasn’t looking for that type of beer anyways – for what I’m trying to do (Belgium style light beer) it didn’t even come close.

The name I picked is apt though – the yeast takes FOREVER to settle out of this one, I find it best to leave a good cm on the bottom to prevent the icky tasting yeast of this one to come out, otherwise, it’s dirty blonde color, rather than a bright blonde. Next time, I’ll try a Munton’s light beer product for a summer beer, it might put out a better flavor than Canadian version.

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  1. Mad Logger says:

    Hi Folks: I’m trying to hook up with an old friend of mine..Doc Atomic, lost touch with him after his extended trip to the Phillipines, if any body out there is chatting to him, could you please have him drop me a line, thanks, “The Mad Logger”

  2. ralph says:

    Cripy – I havn’t talked to old Doc in a coons age – I did a dig and I don’t have an email address for him. I’ll try Melvin and get back to ya here in a week

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