Dirty Blonde + Halloween brew = goodness

I remember when Melvin/Bug/Zarq brewed “Hi Honey I’m Drunk” and “Black Hole Brew”. Individually, they had serious flaws (sickly sweet and bitter beer face bitter) but together, they were something fantastical.

Well, I have discovered my own version thereof. My Halloween Brew, mixed 50/50 with my “Dirty Blonde” is actually more pleasant than either on it’s own, especially the DB brew. It comes out mixed with a subtle hop and tinge of lemon, like squeezing a lemon into a Corona and mixing it with a New Castle Brown.

My only problem is, I’m down to my last three bottles of Halloween Brew. Drat!

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2 Responses to Dirty Blonde + Halloween brew = goodness

  1. Trever says:

    I’ll have to give you some of my last batch (yeah, that one. I’m slow at consuming it) and see how it goes with your DB. I find it a passable half of a black-and-tan. Guiness makes everything better 🙂

  2. ralph says:

    Hmmmm. Might work. Let the experimenting commence!

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