Oh what a site nature and man hath wrought

Every once in a while I see something from the window of my house that make me run and and get a camera. I had stepped out onto my deck to take a look at the colors of the setting sun when I look up and go “oh man, I gotta go get a camera right now.

What I saw was this giant “X” that had been created in the sky by two plane contrails crossing each other, in the setting sun, no less.

The second plane was just passing by when I took this first picture, which gave this big sky picture it’s interesting effect.

I continued to photograph the progression, knowing it would only last a few minutes:

… and then I thought nothing more of it until I got around to downloading the pictures this evening.

Then I noticed something cool.

The second plane’s contrail was being affected by the first one

It’s times like these that I really get reminded about how cool photography can be.

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  1. Lori says:

    Sweet. Now I wonder if you can make anything out of the snow falling this morning!

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