Mikey 19?? – 2008 (He Lived Long and Prospered)

This was Mikey (or Michael, for formal occasions)

Mikey laying back

He passed away this last weekend, having spent the last few years in a good home where he had all the care and attention he every wanted or needed.

Mikey, in his working days, was in charge of patrolling the warehouse, making sure everyone knew he was keeping tabs on them, and making house calls on his preferred clients. Most of the rest of the day he would spend in his office, being cared for by his assistant, who despite her insistence on paying far too much attention to that strange box with pictures on glass thing, was a good egg who made sure the food bowl was full and lots of attention was paid to scratching and grooming assistance.

One of his clients was a particularly fine fellow to visit, as he always had a stash of ‘the stuff’, if you know what I mean. A trip over to his desk during the day for some socializing and tripping out was mandatory. Good times were had by all, although a long nap afterwards was in order to recover from the visit.

Mmmm, catnip

Who is that cat?

Sometimes Mikey would go on a covert mission, being gone for days at a time. No one knew where he went off to, but rumors abounded about missions to the far south (warehouse) to liberate the oppressed working masses there. Mikey had few regrets, other than never being able to nab one of those really large birds that invaded his outside turf every spring.

Mikey will be missed by all whom had the good fortune to know him, he was a king among cats, and like all good kings, not soon forgotten.

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