Shamwow humour

I got to wondering about those Shamwow things they advertise on TV. You can watch the ad online in case you never watch TV, or you can take my word that it’s a rag that’s supposed to have some amazing absorbing properties. Do they actually work something like advertised? So I go do a little Google search and come up with, with consumer reviews of the said Shamwow product.

WARNING – I am about to do something I despise on the internet – post images of text. I’m just a data whore tonight.

Here’s the product’s description:
review screen

Okay, so we have about an even split in rating – let’s go onto some reviews, shall we?

First, we have the typical stuff – split about evenly in the great vs. crap review:

Then we get the weird stuff. Hectic = pissing all over the place?

Or how about dog bites?


Okay, but I’m still trying to figure out if Shamwow is a total scam or not. Oooh, here’s a good review about cleaning up some mess from the pool:


ROTFL. Okay, I don’t think Shamwow is that good!

Alright, someone had to top off saving the dog, about saving your own life with Shamwow?

But what I want to know is was the Shamwow still able to dry off your truck carpets after that???

I’m just waiting for the Shamwow people to start spamming my blog entry about how good Shamwow is. Perhaps I should invest in a Ginsu knife to fend them off?

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