Flower of the Day out of Nowwhere

Crocus flowers
Little story behind this picture. I’ve had this mystery plant popping up a few leaves in my rock garden for about 5 years now – I think it showed up as a hanger on with one of my purchased plants. Every year, it popped out a few long leaves from a bulb, then it would die back before June was even over.

I was tempted to rip it out on several occasions, but it wasn’t really spreading anywhere, and it died back anyways, so I’d forget about it again. Then this year, after all the rotten snow had just melted and the rock garden was just starting to green – THESE FLOWERS appeared today with no warning. Amazing. I’m assuming they are Crocus by the look, and the early flowering. Pretty decent macro for a little point and shoot camera, me thinks.

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  1. ralph says:

    Thanks. Good thing I photographed it when I did – it’s under the snow today!

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