Damn, you Ice Cream truck!

It seems lately that that my neighborhood has been bombarded by Ice Cream trucks. You really can’t miss them – at least by sound. That silly musical bonging playing the same thing over and over and over. The thing of it is, I’m outside working, listening to this thing go up and down one block after another – it must have like a 3 block radius – fading in and out as it goes between the buildings. I could live with it, but I get that STUPID song stuck in my head (there seems to be about 3 of ’em) for DAYS at a time.

So today, I’m outside sanding my deck, for hopefully the last time ever. I hate sanding. I’m hoping to banish the wood to the pits of hell and get something that does NOT require sanding. Or painting. I hate painting. Anyways, I’m sanding away with a rotary drill disk, and I hear the Ice Cream truck coming. Remembering what happened two days ago when he came by {shudder} I crank up the drill, sanding to the fullest, trying to keep going past the pain that is my spine. Must stop. Hearing Ice Cream truck. Must start again. Sand, sand, sand, ow, ow, ow! Must stop. Still hearing Ice Cream truck. Must start. Repeat about ten times.

Despite my best efforts and a now tender back, I can still hear that Ice Cream truck musac in my head. Damn you Ice Cream truck!

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