$3 Pizza review

So there I am at the mall at dinner time looking at the usual mall eateries. I’m not really feeling hungry, so I head over to Walmart, thinking I’ll grab some pasta and sauce and just whip up a quick meal at home. I wander through the frozen section and see this “Donatello’s” Pizza I’ve never heard of before. Hmmm, I could go for a gourmet pizza, what does this one cost? $3. $3?! Must be crap – move on. I find a “gourmet” pizza, on the other end of the frozen Isle (Walmart does some weird product placement). Spinach on a pizza, no thanks – I like my toppings meaty and traditional. Still not seeing anything else I might like for pasta sauce, so I wander back over to the regular frozen pizza. I could buy a Kraft Rising Crust for like $8. But there’s that $3 pizza right beside it… Do I dare? WTF, I’m not feeling like eating anything else, so I might as well go for cheap. It can’t kill me, right? Right?! I pick the pepperoni version (deluxe was also available) drive it home and throw it in the oven for 18 minutes (Preheat first according to the instructions).

So now we get to the fun part – the pizza. It lived up to it’s name “rizin’ crust”. Actually has 4 pieces of Pepperoni per 1/4 pizza. The cheese looks like cheese and seems to be there in a not too skimpy amount. First bite…

Hmmm. Not that bad. (Why yes, I *am* writing this while I’m eating the pizza!) Second bite. Crust is kinda doughy, some crispy on the outside – passable. Cheese is standard for a cheap pizza. Third bite – get a whole piece of peperoni in this time. The peperoni is not that bad, actually has a bit of kick to it – unlike the usual bland crap you see. Forth bite – get the crust edge this time. Perhaps shouldv’e kept it in for a minute more – not quite as crispy as I’d like. Stop writing now to finish off the piece. The tomato sauce is pretty bland, and a little too sweet.

Overall verdict: This pizza is a cut below the standard Mcain or Kraft rising crust, but not that far below. I actually think it’s better than say, a Little Caeser’s (more topping), definitely better than Pizza Hut, which is the worst grease fest pizza ever in my books. For $3, this is a steal of a deal for a 12″ pizza, feeds two hungry people, or one hungry teenager. As always, YMMV. I can’t find a web site for them, although I did find a reference to food poisoning (eep!). You’ll just have to head over to Walmart and get one of these things if you want to try it. If the pizza doesn’t agree with me, I’ll definitely write a follow up, assuming I live.

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  1. Ralph says:

    Not only did I survive the pizza, but it agreed with me!

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