Sultan’s Tent is no more

So I’m talking to Dillion on the the phone and he mentions that the Sultan’s Tent has been torn down. Noooo! From what I can find out here and here it would seem that the Sultan’s tent is gone, at least for the time being, succumbed to the building boom that is Calgary right now. It wasn’t a place I could dine at frequently being on the expensive side, but was well worth the money to treat one self and friends on. The unique atmosphere of individual tent rooms for each dining party and the touches such as pre-dinner hand washing (since you’re going to be eating with your hands) just made dining there an experience, not just a meal out.

Here’s hoping they re-establish in a new location!

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  1. Zarquil says:

    They’re supposed to be coming back, pending location.

    I have 100% faith. One hundred percent.

    Apparently if you call their phone number you can leave a message and add your name to a list on getting called.

    Yes… They will return.

    (off topic: I’ll call. 😉

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