Review part Deux: The Dog & Duck Public House & Restaurant

Pub Makes Amends and Proves the Personal Touch can Still be Found in Calgary

Address: 5340 2nd St. SW Calgary

DnD outside

I love management that actually cares about what people think of their establishment. They know that word of mouth can be the kiss of death or the hot inside tip that spreads like wild fire. In these days of blogging, a new twist has been thrown in: managers can comment back on blog entries rather than just hoping for the best with old-style word of mouth.

Thus, the reason for this re-review, so soon after the initial horror experience. I have to say: John, you get it – “bad word of blog” needs to be addressed, especially when it’s not little nit-picky or matter of taste kind of stuff. As per my previous review, you fixed the problem (fire the crappy server) and made amends with a nice pub credit, spent and then some owing to the fine food, fine service, and fine beer. I can only wish more places gave a crap in this over-heated Calgary market. (I’m sure most do, they just can’t find staff that gives a crap).

Well, the service was great, and this time actually being able to order, I can say the food is great too – agreed upon by all for orders of roast beef, spicy beef pizza, fish and chips, and grill cheese w. bacon. Service was prompt, courteous with the right timing – not so fast you feel rushed and not so slow, your beer is running dry.

The on tap beer selection is good – they have Strongbow on tap, so you can get a crown float, and Harp on tap so you can get a black and tan. And a proper pour as well. Must try a straight Guinness and see what that comes out like. I could wish for a few more interesting imports in bottle, but I’m asking for the moon. Most places can’t stock like Bottle Screw Bill’s where I look at the beer menu and actually wonder what some of the beer are, as they are imports of interest I haven’t had. Start getting out there and trying different beers people! Then we’ll all have more selection!

One complaint came to mind during the visit. The seats – holy blown out batman! It is seriously time to replace the chairs – bring the picnic tables in from outside – they would be more comfortable and at least not have a butt hole the size of the la brea tar pits to slouch in. Here’s hoping more business means new seats for this otherwise fine establishment.

Having left (without even trying to get a seat) several places on a Friday night because they were jam – packed, I can say a big plus to this place is that it isn’t packed – you actually can get seating, owing to the slightly hard to find location, not the quality of the establishment. Lots of on-street parking can be had too – try that in Kensington. Yet, once found, it’s not hard to get to. If you can get to Chinook Mall, you’re two minutes away from the Duck and Dog, without all the parking hassles once you get there.

At some point I’m going to have to review Swan’s which is a damn fine establishment, being the first “best kept secret” I found in Calgary. I can officially say that The Dog and Duck is the second “best kept secret” in Calgary Pubs I have found, being one of a few places that can give Swan’s a run for it’s money. Must make a note to head back again in the summer and try the outdoor area with the picnic tables as well. In the meanwhile, I’ll be back there again, over the long winter, as DnD’s is going to be one to visit again for me.

Ambiance: 8/10
Food: 8/10
Beer: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Pricing: 7/10

Overall: 8/ 10 — Make the cut as a “best kept secret” in Calgary, find this out-of-the way place once and you will come back again.

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