Prediction for 2009: Duke Nukem Forever will finally be released!

Alright, you might be thinking ‘wtf is he smoking?’ or ‘wtf is Duke Nukem?’, if you’re young enough. That second part is scary. It has been well over TEN YEARS since the original Duke Nukem 3D was released. It was a heady time for first person shooters – Duke 3D and Quake were released in 1996 and they totally blew away DOOM, which could be argued to have popularized the genera in the first place.

Duke Nukem was much favored by me over Quake. Sure, Quake had a more realistic 3D engine, but Duke had *personality*. The sound track rocked. There was humor. Quake had several sequels released – what happened to the Duke?

I spent several years waiting – having played Quake, then Quake II and still finding them lacking in the fun that was Duke. Eventually, I gave up on a sequel to Duke Nukem 3D, having come to the conclusion that due to perpetual changes in the game, the Duke was relegated to being perpetual vaporware.

The today I was reading the Wikipedia article – what got me interested is that there is video of Jace Hall playing through a level – plus the 3D Realms website has been slowly starting to update with greater frequency and more detail on the game, which leads me to believe they might actually be serious about releasing this puppy some time soon when it’s done.

Oh, and screenshots have been appearing:
DNF screen shote sept 2008
a sure sign that *something* has been coded to produce said screen shot. Oh, and from the FAQ sec.1.13 for DNF, they state that they do not plan to release any new game shots until right before the game is released. Hmmm. First screen images released in Sept ’08. Considering how long development has been, I’ll take any release in ’09!

Alright, I admit, this is a bit of a long shot for a prediction, but If I’m right, I’ll look like an ef’n genius.

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