10 things I didn’t know about cell phone until I started supporting them for a living

My current job involves supporting “mobility devices” in the company I work for, which 99% of the time means cell phones. Now, I have been a bit behind the times in having the latest and greatest phone, but since I got my Nexus 4, I’ve come a long way, to the point of suffering from “discharge anxiety” if I’m too long away from a charging plug. So, here are 10 things I have learned about cell phones:

10) There is no answer to the question “What is the best cell phone?”, only more questions.

9) Rooting your company cell phone is a really bad idea. At least where I work, they will confiscate the phone and make you pay full cost for a new one.

8) Cell phones like computers, have a range of user skill levels. I don’t know why people who have never had a cell phone get a Blackberry 10 device. I can’t explain it to them, and they can’t figure it out.

7) Lots of help desk people fear cell phone support. I’m going to assume you can’t remote into the phone, which drives newer support people nuts. Us older techies who had to support over the phone before remote desktop software existed find this much less daunting.

6) iPhones are for people who want a consistent user experience, and get help from their iFriends.

5) Android phones are for people who want to muck around a bit more. They might be closet Linux weenies.

4) Windows phones are for no one, but people get them thinking it will be like the computer on their desk.

3) Blackberry phones are also for no one, but people keep trying to flog a dead horse.

2) People actually think one day of battery life is OK now!

1) People get fired and find they have lost the half of their lives that existed on their phone, all because it never occurred to them what might happen if they left the company unexpectedly. (Hint, hook up a Google account or iCloud service and learn to transfer the stuff you care about to it)

and now, back to my cell phone for some Castle Clash!

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