You Are as Happy as Where You Are

There is an old saying, ‘the grass is greener on the other side of the fence’. I was watching the gathering of nomads at the RTR, thinking how great it would be to be down there, in the warmth and among so many interesting people. In fact, I was feeling a little sorry for myself being left out of most of the fun.

But then I woke up early this morning not being able to get back to sleep. I finally got up with it still being dark outside – another reason to feel blue in the north this time of year. I eventually made it outside to sweep a little snow and grab my mail and noticed how nice it was outside; the temperature was just below freezing and the air was calm. The air smelled clean from the Chinook wind having previously blown out the smog. I grabbed my camera with the anticipation that we might get a good sunrise, and traveled to my downtown viewing spot to see what there was to see:
Sunrise Reflection Calgary
I looked out and was reminded that while I may want to be somewhere else at times, you can enjoy what you have right here, right now – you just have to find the great things that are around you.

Let’s flip around my gloom and look at what is so great, right here, right now. The weather is nice up here right now – we have had a very mild winter and the temperature has gotten above freezing most days. There is a little bit of snow on the ground making things pretty – there will be melting today as the temperature rises! Thanks to the late sunrise, I was up early enough to catch a great sunrise over downtown Calgary, that will not happen in the summer when the sun rises super early. In fact, it’s so nice, I’m going to end this post now and go for a walk!

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