Yes, I’ve been ignoring the blog for a while!

Columbine PXL_20220513_162009287 (2) Why yes, I have been ignoring this blog for a few weeks now. I’m still alive, just decided my muse needed some time away from the writing to recharge and reinvigorate. I’m back in Alberta, just travelling locally at the moment. I promise I’ll catch up my adventures eventually. In the meanwhile I’m getting other things done, and entertaining myself watching The 8-bit guy, a nostalgic trip back into the dawn of personal computing for me. Check him out if you want to see videos about your favorite old computer system.

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3 Responses to Yes, I’ve been ignoring the blog for a while!

  1. Nancye Lee says:

    Hey Ralph!

    So glad you are taking some time off to focus on other things that need your time and attention. I’ll check out The 8-bit guy, in the meantime, which I’m not familiar with. A bit of nostalgia is always delightful.

    Stay well, and continued safe travels…

  2. ralph says:

    Thank you Nancye. I’ve been uploading photos to flickr, still working my way through Colorado camping in the hills. Once I’ve actually gotten caught up on that I can resume blogging, but man, I took a lot of photos!

    • Nancye Lee says:

      Hey Ralph,

      I’m just now seeing your response dated July 16th. Thank you for reminding me that you are uploading lots of photos to flickr. I will check them out, and I’m sure they are all awesome, as they always are.

      I hope you are well, and continuing to enjoy living in your RV full-time. Be safe and enjoy the wonderful freedom and adventures you are experiencing.

      Take care,
      Nancye ☺☺☺

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