Really Good Tiki Bar TV interview with the Doctor

Check out this interview with Jeff Macpherson, creator and the Doctor in Tiki Bar TV. Lots of interesting stuff I didn’t know about the show. Nice to see one of my favorite podcasts starting to figure out how to make money. He points out something interesting in that it’s hard to hire people to edit a show that has a non-conventional format. One of the things you’ll note after you’ve watched a few episodes is that “mistakes” are included as part of the episode. It’s part of the charm in the show, the “we don’t take ourselves so seereeouslee, so just watch and have fun with us”. Try finding an editor to edit that.

Also, interesting to see the road they are going down trying to make money doing a show on the internet. Advertising, sure – now I know why they don’t have a liquor advertiser – the lawyers don’t want them advertising on a show that has *actual drinking*. Go figure. Also it seems traditional media producers don’t get this “podcast” thing. Not surprising – they will fall soon because of that, among other things. At least the Tiki Bar guys have been making money on merchandise in the meanwhile, here’s hoping they can figure out an advertising model that doesn’t drive the audence (and me) away.

Looking forward to the new season on the high seas!

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