Do you want Fries with that?

I went over to T&T Supermarket last night for some fruit and stopped by the noodle isle. That’s right, you go to an oriental grocery, the noodle selection takes up a whole isle. The store was about to close, so I had to quickly select some cup noodles out of the many for sale. I ended up picking a “Vegetable and Salt noodles” in a green cup that looked good on the picture, but beyond that I had no idea what it would be like.

Today, I decided to try this thing out for lunch. Looking at the bill, I see that I paid $2.89 for this thing. $2.89?! This had better be some damn fine noodle for that money. Looking over the ingredients list I see fried bean curd noodles, cabbage, French fries… French fries? I bought cabbage and French fry noodles for $2.89? Trying to keep an open mind about this, I poured boiling water into the cup up to the line and waited 5 minutes. At least, that’s what I assume I’m supposed to do based on no instructions in English, and a “no microwave” symbol on the cup. Everything is already in the cup, no packets to open and dump in – nice.

You know what? That was some damn fine noodles for $2.89. All I know is the little English label stuck on the clear wrapping called them “Myojo (Sapporo Ichiban vegier sio falvor..” noodles, they come from Japan (unusual these days) and they are in a green container showing the noodles in a bowl with vegetables, surrounded by a bunch of vegetables and potatoes, but no French fries.

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