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I got curious about what kind of internet cooking shows might be out there so I fired up You Tube and typed in “cooking shows” in their search. The “Trailer Park Cooking Show” catches my eye so I pull up the vid. Turns out it’s a video response to an urban legend where if you pour cola on pork, worms and maggots will come crawling out. Ooookaay….
I continue watching and quickly suspected that I was looking at a Dame Edna type. But I couldn’t help laughing. Subtle humor is a rare thing these days and this “Cola BBQ Pork Chops” has it in spades.

Watch it:

For those of you that can’t watch You Tube at work on your break, it turns out that worms will NOT come out of your cola-marinaded pork chops, so don’t go beliv’n all ‘dem internet rumors!

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