Oy limp icks

Every 2 years I am faced with the usual summer / winter sports obsession known as the Olympics. It’s particular bad this year as since it’s in my country, everyone and their dog is covering the event.

I can live with that. I’ll even put up with the waste of cash that is “own the podium”. Are we that vain that we must worry about our medal count?

What’s got me got me ticked is the media making it look like everyone is going to be watching the Olympic hockey. According to the media, everyone was watching the Swiss / Canada men’s game. Well, for the record, most people I know didn’t watch it, including me. I would say there is a whole third of the country who doesn’t care about hockey, or any other sports for that matter.

So, quite treating the Olympics like it’s news and put it in the sports section where it belongs. The third of us who don’t give a rat’s ass about sports will thank you.

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