Tax time eased with StudioTax

Just finished doing my taxes using StudioTax. It’s completely free, no bullshit, no income limits. They just ask for a donation, of which they bug you about only once, when you go and submit your netfile file. Studio Tax isn’t some light weight program either; it handles most situations and small business just fine. I give them $20 every year after filing because I think it’s so good of them to just give their software away. It’s worth more than $20 in saving me hours of going through a paper copy since I refuse to pay a service to pay my taxes. Yes, I can find cheaper pay services, but I’m donating to StudioTax in order to help keep them going so that those people facing tight finances regardless of income can get a free ride. Just pay it back when you do have money.

For those of you that think you can’t do your own taxes, think again. If you can identify the right tax slip and match numbered boxes between them and the computer screen, you can fill out your own taxes. While I probably would consult a tax expert if I was running a business, for 90% of personal filers, you can just fill in the software and it will remind you about all the little things that people forget before you file – such as bank interest. My only issue this year was it didn’t include the schedule for capital gains automatically, even though I had some and the program did add it to my taxes. Don’t know if it’s just not including it if it is not required for filing or what. No big deal – I added it it and immediately saw all my details as I had entered previously using their wizard, which takes care of most of the work before you even see a tax form. All in all good stuff.

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