KD like it’s 1999!

Man, I never should have eaten that package of Kraft Dinner, about a month ago. It’s like getting back on drugs man, I’ve eaten two more boxes of the stuff since then! (Okay, not like drugs, but why would I want KD three times in one month after not having it for 5 odd years?)

Perhaps it’s just that KD has been in the news. Today, I see that Kraft Canada has been “cease and desisting” a local teacher trying to teach students how to eat less crap – ie there are alternatives to KD. He called his program “Kick the KD”, with a logo that is certainly evocative of the KD brand. While I have no problem with the company protecting it’s brand, I do have a problem with the media trying to make a story out of nothing. Kraft asks teacher to stop using their brand marks in advertising his course. Teacher complies. This is not a story.

Hell, I can come up with a better story for the media to cover. How’s this grab you:

Man Eats Kraft Dinner from 1999 and Lives to Tell the Tale

Calgary Random Blogger has an amazing tale to tell of having eaten a Kraft Dinner brand Macaroni & Cheese that expired in December 1999, and having suffered no ill effects. According to Random, “It still tasted good, even though the noodles seemed to be loosing their integrity”. Random Blogger discovered the pack of noodles in the back of his cupboard, having a hankering after seeing a recent news article about Kraft persecuting teachers trying to teach courses about better eating. “I saw the expiry date, Dec 30th 1999 and thought, what the hell, what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, right?” quips Random Blogger, “besides, I have faith in the quality of Kraft’s preservatives, a company with Krafts’ reputation will make sure it’s products have enough high quality preservatives to way outlast any ‘best before’ date”. No word from Kraft Canada on if there are any preservatives that would extend the lifespan of it’s product out 12 years past the recommended ‘best before’ date.

True story, I have yet to die and it’s been 30 minutes since I’ve eaten the whole box. To be fair, I did have some salad with that so maybe that made a difference.

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