My iPrayer to Steve Jobs

Hello Mr Jobs.

I see you’ve been busy in your new role as heaven’s technology innovator. I really thought you’d take it easy for a bit, but no, you’re right back in it, stirring things up as you always did in the mortal world. But I have to ask: what did I do to deserve today?

I’m sure you had nothing to do with our internet/phone connection literally being dug up (that was human stupidity along the lines of move the equipment, but forget to move the buried trunk line before demolishing the building). However, did you really have to rub my face in how bad the windows world is for lack of coordinated design? Yes, I know only three USB ports right on top of each other sucks, with me having to choose between keyboard, mouse, internet stick, and a Blackberry, which I was trying to figure out how to suck internet off of. Yes, I know that the same system is a steaming pile of cruddy 3rd party software bloat slowing it down to a crawl while I try to research and install software. But I didn’t need to sit half the afternoon on it while I’ve got other people needing internet sticks installed. I also didn’t need to be reminded how our Windoze boxen become sloth like because they keep trying to authenticate to a connection that I know has been snipped, but I have no way to stop the madness. I also didn’t need to be reminded about the bloatware that is Roger’s Rocket Stick installer – trying to install while virus scanners that I can’t turn off are fighting me for every CPU cycle. On the way home at the liquor store, I didn’t need a POS Windows system (that’s Point of Sales, as well as the obvious) acting up not scanning my nectar of Lethe. To top it all off, I didn’t need every friggin’ piece of software I have on my home machine nag me for updates, and reboots when I sit down at home. It’s like coming home to a virtual nagging wife.

For what ever I did to offend you, I’m SORRY! Oh, and can you lay off the Blackberry servers for just a bit? I really need them to work right now while we don’t have a working internet connection.

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