Going to Explore the Undiscovered Country

It all started with a question: Is is possible to live a life exploring the world, without breaking the bank?

I had been researching versions of this question for years, without realizing it. Backpacking, cruise ship living, sailing around the world. It all was in the pursuit of the same question. Backpacking was eliminated on the grounds that it is just too harsh a life for a 50 plus year old. Cruise ship living was eliminated as being too limiting, and too expensive. Sailing around the world was eliminated on being too much learning and too expensive. Although, that one is not totally crossed off the list. But, I keep coming back to living in an RV and and least traveling the US and Canada. It’s not too expensive. It’s not too hard to learn to run an RV, I’ve already got some indirect experience from the days RV camping with my dad. So, the research on this vein has been ongoing, because at the end of the day I conclude it is possible to live this way on modest means.

I’ve been watching videos, reading blogs, and have even made some online friends along the way, people who live the life and seem happy doing it. But at some point, reading and seeing videos is not enough to decide if you want to do something like this, at some point you have to get out and try it for yourself.

19 foot RV

So, for my winter adventure I am going to explore the undiscovered country as I term it, a part of the world I have only seen in video and description of others: the Southwest American desert. I will be travelling in an RV, like the picture above. It will be rented, not bought, to see if the life is for me or not. At the very least I will have some grand adventures exploring that part of the world! This is not a short adventure; I have booked off 43 days of adventuring – hopefully enough to get a sense of the lifestyle, and enough time to at least get a bit of the true sense of what the area is.

We will see when I come back how I feel about it. Perhaps I will retire and explore the countryside in an RV, who knows? At the very least, I will have some great blog fodder for a while!

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