First impressions of Living Forest Campground

My Typical View SR600320
I open the windows to gaze out for the first time at the view I have paid a premium for in Living Forest Campground. It is a hazy drizzly morning, but I do say, the view is pretty sweet. I’m not complaining at this point about paying extra for an “Oceanview” site.

I’m looking out at the Nanaimo River Estuary – the river is right in front of the campground and empties into the estuary just 100m to the left of my campsite. The tide is out currently, so a lot of ground is visible at the moment that would normally be water from my viewpoint. I’m sure the sun will come out eventually and I’ll get some spectacular views! But in the meanwhile, there is only a light drizzle, so I’m going to go hike one of the trails on the campground and checkout the views the campground talks about.

Overcast Nanaimo SR600324
Nanaimo overcast view from the cliffs

The showcase viewpoint at Living Forest is a short steep hike down to a cliff out jut. It is a 180 degree view showing the Nanaimo skyline to the north, and the estuary to the south. Have to say, this is the best view point I’ve ever seen from a private campground!

Misty Views SR600323
Misty view of the homes across from the Chase River

I don’t take a ton of pictures in the dull light – mysterious mist as a theme can only be photographed so much. But I’m sure I’ll get some good light here and get some great photos during my stay!

Dark forest path SR600326
Leaf strewn forest path

The path continues away from the ocean through the forest. There are helpful wayfaring maps along the way to tell you where you are at. I take the loop out and come back through the campground, going to the front entrance.

Very red fall color SR600328
Ornamental fall colors at the entrance to Living Forest
Living Forest Entrance SR600445
Living Forest front entrance fancy sign

The ornamental foliage plants there are spectacular in red right now. The entrance sign¬† is a fancy piece with copper lettering, lit up at night. It’s very nice and a subtle hint that some money has been put into making this a nicer campground. Going after the glamping market perhaps?

Living Forest Campground SR600329
Typical campground view

Walking back towards my campsite, I see some fall colors still around – the trees are shedding their leaves quickly now. At least I captured the end of it; what a nice scene in the more forested section of the campground. The sites are all neat with crushed black gravel on the pads, and most of the roads being paved to the sites. So far at least, it is quiet at night, I mostly hear seagulls.

Spawned out salmon PXL_20211103_174943647
Salmon spawning done

I visit the beach area in the grey light. With the tide still low, I come across what so many animals are here for right now – dead salmon finished their spawning. I’m looking at several pounds of fish, just sitting here. Another is nearby. No wonder the birds seem to lazily fly about –¬† they are probably all stuffed to the wingtips with salmon!

Camping Spot PXL_20211103_182206735
My campsite for three weeks

I return to my RV, initial tour finished. There are other paths to walk around the area so I will have some variety in my walks over the next three weeks. There are lots of eagles about, so hopefully I’ll get some good shots of them when they fly a little closer to me. But so far, Living Forest Campground seems to be worth the price!

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