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Dolores River ancient path hikes

My first full day at Dolores River boat Launch dawned refreshingly cool – but with a promise of heat to follow judging by the blue skies and already warming sun. My plan today was to explore the local area a … Continue reading

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My thoughts travelling so far to Xmas

My first season in my RV is almost done with Xmas approaching. How’s living in an RV been so far? It’s a question I get asked a fair bit. What I don’t get asked is has living in an RV … Continue reading

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Sunrise on Top of the Grand Canyon

I decided today that I was going to see the Grand Canyon at sunrise, then do my walk down into the canyon. One of the rangers had advised that Mather Point was a good place to see the sunrise. So … Continue reading

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Getting Stuck in Arizona

I am heading back to Arizona today. I have a camp to check out for our little group of Patreons of Carolyn’s RV Life. I’d put off going back to Arizona an extra day to be able to hit the … Continue reading

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San Diego Zoo in a Day

The second attempt to visit the San Diego Zoo went much more smoothly. I only got off at the ‘a’ exit rather than the ‘b’ exit coming off the freeway, so the googles had to route me on a little … Continue reading

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Life of a Youtuber in 2020

After a very sober New Year’s celebration that ended before the beginning of the new year, we were actually fresh and ready for a hike this first day of the new year. Carolyn was interested in seeing the Petroglyphs we … Continue reading

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BLM Dry Camping aka Boondocking Around Quartzsite

I left Quartzsite, heading south for “BLM Roadrunner” Campground. BLM is the Bureau of Land Management, the US government department that manages public land in the USA. “Campground” is really not what this area is, other than the sense that … Continue reading

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Going to Explore the Undiscovered Country

It all started with a question: Is is possible to live a life exploring the world, without breaking the bank?

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50 years ago an American walked on the moon, today…

…we have an American being launched into orbit around the earth by the the Russians, because the Americans do not have their own capability to launch humans, even to low earth orbit. Not a lot of people would’ve have placed … Continue reading

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You Are as Happy as Where You Are

There is an old saying, ‘the grass is greener on the other side of the fence’. I was watching the gathering of nomads at the RTR, thinking how great it would be to be down there, in the warmth and … Continue reading

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