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First boondocking with a history bonus

My original plan had been to head out to one of the recreation sites in the Port McNeill area. But the roads remained icy for days following the snow – including adding a bit more ice with rain falling in … Continue reading

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Sayward looking for tourists

I picked Sayward for my next glamping spot (full hookups) because it was in a good location for driving to several possible destinations beyond, and it was cheap. I wasn’t really expecting much in terms of sights to see or … Continue reading

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How did I end up setting up camp in the dark?

I had not planned much for getting onto Vancouver Island. I figured I didn’t have much of a schedule other than ‘arrive at campsite before dark’. There would be no need to reserve a ferry spot, ferries don’t fill up … Continue reading

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RV-less in Phoenix for a night

I have left my RV behind, walking down the sidewalk with my luggage in tow. It is a warm afternoon and I am starting to sweat a bit with the exertion. My plan was to hit the Motel 6 at … Continue reading

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Just Take My Money and Give Me My Data!

The day starts out nice enough. I’m up around 3000 feet, so I’m glad it is not a super cold night for up there – got tanks that could freeze if it gets too cold. My plan for today is … Continue reading

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Life of a Youtuber in 2020

After a very sober New Year’s celebration that ended before the beginning of the new year, we were actually fresh and ready for a hike this first day of the new year. Carolyn was interested in seeing the Petroglyphs we … Continue reading

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Proselytism by Math in the Pass

It was time for me to leave the camp Carolyn had invited us to. She had left the previous day, not even saying goodbye to me, but not for lack of trying. She caught me in the classic awkward RV … Continue reading

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Two New Stars are Born on Christmas Day

Let me start with a real time (as of a day ago, by the time I post this after coming back online tomorrow) update. I’m in Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. Cell signal is shit. SMS only, but that has allowed … Continue reading

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BLM Dry Camping aka Boondocking Around Quartzsite

I left Quartzsite, heading south for “BLM Roadrunner” Campground. BLM is the Bureau of Land Management, the US government department that manages public land in the USA. “Campground” is really not what this area is, other than the sense that … Continue reading

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50 years ago an American walked on the moon, today…

…we have an American being launched into orbit around the earth by the the Russians, because the Americans do not have their own capability to launch humans, even to low earth orbit. Not a lot of people would’ve have placed … Continue reading

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